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Busy busy busy.

1. I started Rose, without stitch-markers, because I demonstrate hubris sometimes. 
2. I attempted to buy some clothes to wear to friends’ wedding, on the off chance I would be unable to complete Rose in one week’s time.  I was incapable of finding the right thing for the wedding but did find a lovely teal silk sweater and a brown suede jacket, both of which will make fall a little more fashionable. 
3. I frogged Rose. 
4. I started Rose again, with stitch-markers to mark out the lace repeats.  I am now past the waist and I’m increasing for the bust.  She is calling me from my purse right now, that Rose.  She is impatient, and I am impatient.  And I have this stupid job where I’m not allowed to knit . . . I want to wear Rose this coming weekend when I go see Ben (who made my wedding band, and who is one of the best models ever for Crazy Lanea’s handmade clothing) and Mandy (who makes me laugh like a nine-year old with a serious friend-crush, and who made bootsbootsboots extraordinaire) get hitched in Richmond.  This is going to be one hell of a fun wedding.  This is going to be one of those fun weddings that puts normal fun weddings to shame.   The fun would be increased by Rose’s appearance on my back, rather than on my needles.  Stupid job.  Must go to independently wealthy store to pick up piles of wealth.

5. We attacked the tiling project, with the help of my family.  Scott and I cleared everything out of our little dining room, and the folks descended upon us.  I think Jim and Talia were really in charge of the project:  Jim was in charge of the tile-work, and Talia was in charge of the cuteness.  They are both quite good at their jobs.  So while Jim and Scott were tiling away, my brother David, my Mom, and I were tending her cuteness as she raced from cat to dog, with side trips to see the birdhouse and feeders.  Talia is the consummate animal lover.  She loves Kayo even though he’s skittish around little kids.  (Kayo thinks she is fun to lick until he thinks she may be similar to some kids who used to hurt him, and then he gets very confused.)  Talia loves Scath because he is far more tolerant of children than her cat Darcy is, but she also respects his right to freak out and run off sometimes.  She also loves sheep and llamas, because she is my niece, after all. 

6. We made pancakes and did laundry and tended the pets.  All of which required us to walk across a precarious little balance beam spanning from the kitchen proper to the living room.  Scott cobbled it together out of some tool boxes and a bundle of tent poles.  It kept us off the tiles while the mastic dried, and it made me feel like I showed up at circus school late for an exam I didn’t know I was supposed to take.

7.  I shopped for clothes at a second mall (shiver).  I purchased two possible options to wear to said wedding, should Rose prove too much to complete in time. 

8.  I went to Knit Knutz, because once the mall trip was over, there was nothing to do in the kitchen except watch mastic dry–even slower than watching paint dry, you know.  Rose was greeted very warmly, which made me quite happy.  And Tom modeled a felted sweater.  There are pictures somewhere.

9. After going AGAIN to the silly office building where these people expect me to write about international sovereignty AGAIN (sheesh, how important is it, really, compared to knitting?  Haven’t I explained this enough yet?  Do I have to do this every day?), I began the grouting.  Grouting is unpleasant work, which includes a lot of floor scrubbing.  The little finished section of floor leaves me kvelling, though.

10.  Tonight, because my husband does not want to risk my reaction if I have kneel on a tile floor with a grout float, or worse yet, a sponge with which to scrub the grout haze off the tile, we will learn about a new technology.  We learn about the grout bag.  I have been arguing in favor of the grout bag from the start.  I know how to use a pastry bag.  The grout bag is very similar, no?

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  1. Jaymeon 27 Sep 2005 at 9:53 am 1

    Random comments/questions:
    What yarn are you using to make rose?
    Are you following the pattern or did you have to fudge for gauge?
    Are those Moths in a vending machine that Talia is looking at? Very scary on many levels.
    Grout bags are easy and if you don’t want to waste $$ buying one you can sew one with leftover canvas of just use a big zip-lock bag.
    I have a few questions about your kitchen remodel that I’ll ask you tomorrow.


  2. Laneaon 27 Sep 2005 at 1:45 pm 2

    1. Rowan DK Soft. It is to gauge. I will probably make something Soleil-like out of the Elann Baby Cashmere soon.
    b. Mmmmmm, moth vending machine. It’s a display on the life-cycle of butterflies at the National Arboretum. So not scary, at least not to me or Talia.
    III. I will actually miss tomorrow’s knitting–my awesome mother-in-law Karen will be in town for one night only, so we’re going out to dinner. So you need to ask about the remodel some other time. And you can do your own–it will just take you three-plus years
    Cethair: I think that Scott already bought the grout bag. He’s a keeper, that one.

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