Three is a Charm

Posted by on Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

Hat sitter:


And now, now, now I am in the third incarnation of the Brownie hat, and she is lovely.  Balanced, warm, soft, relatively thin so as to be wearable no matter the weather, even post-felt. And the hat is using far less yarn than I originally anticipated, so it may ultimately be joined by a scarf or gloves or another hat for another head. Who knows. I do know, however, that Scath wants to eat the hat, because he is evil.

Hat eater:


Lit hat:


Scott got a new dresser and finally sorted through the mountain of sweaters that have been living on a table in his office for more than a year. And he weeded out some partially felted sweaters and some just-a-little-bit-shrunken sweaters, and because most of them ended up that way because he liked them, I like them too. And I am going to felt the dickens out of them and make a fantastically warm blanket, yes I am.

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