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on Oct 23rd 2011

When I haven’t been in my studio, frantically sewing bags, I’ve been puttering about. I decided a few months ago that I needed to come up with a reliable, organized method for saving yarn to repair the things I knit.  After a lot of searching, I finally found a reasonably priced wooden card file for […]

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Sweat Shop

on Oct 12th 2011

Every time I start to sew for a festival, I feel like I won’t make enough, and I’ll end up disappointing someone, and that really I should try to make some kind of dent in that huge fabric stash, and try to accomplish something already, for once.  Ahem. Before you ask, no, my Mom was […]

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Blue Murder

on Sep 22nd 2011

That’s a sneak peek of a project that’s coming. I developed a bit of an obsession working on the squares for my string quilt top, so I decided to just keep going and try to make a noticeable dent in the scrap baskets. I’ve been wanting to make larger knitting bags for a while, and […]

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Lettuce, looms, et al

on Sep 21st 2011

I’ve been knitting a fair amount on this second sock yarn blanket over the last couple of months. I’m trying to stick to a watery palette this time around, and I’m making garter squares rather than stockinette so this one will be warmer than Chesapeake. I’m also edging the squares in black. I love how […]

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Back in town

on Aug 21st 2011

We prepped for summer camp, we went to summer camp, and we came home, and all is well.  I’ll tell you how well soon. In short: I made a ton of red and black patchwork. I gave away a bunch of presents. I started a new tradition. (These first three are all connected) I wrote […]

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I keep forgetting

on May 31st 2011

I’ve been blogging away in my head, and even taking some pictures, but never getting around to actually uploading photos or typing things out. There may be some sleep deprivation going on.  Maybe. The gardening–it was manic for a while there.  I was putting in 30 hours or more for weeks in a row, while […]

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Out with the new, in with the old

on May 14th 2011

If you saw the little studio tour video I made a while back, you saw my studio.  I adore that room and spend a lot of time there, but it doesn’t generally come first in terms of furnishing budgets.  The knee walls limit shelving options, and our stairs are narrow, and we’ve spent a lot […]

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One for me, two for you

on Feb 14th 2011

I’ve finally started knitting something for myself again!  This is the Winding River Cowl, knit in Spirit Trail’s luscious Birte in Case of the Blues.  I love all of Jen’s cashmere/silk/wool blends, but this one feels particularly decadent because of its weight.  I can’t wait to finish this, because I really want a chance to […]

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Keeping a tally

on Feb 13th 2011

The sweatshop is in full swing.  I’ve been making clothes for living history, finishing knits for others, sorting scraps for projects, and updating the Big Bad Spreadsheet of Supplies.  When I started measuring and sorting and folding and organizing everything last fall, a few friends scratched their heads, and a few thought it sounded like […]

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Sorting socks

on Feb 7th 2011

I learned to knit so that I could knit my own socks, and it shows. I decided to tally up the hand-knitted socks I’ve kept, and was a bit surprised. I knew that they took up a large portion of our drying rack whenever I washed them, but I hadn’t realized how large the collection […]

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