Keeping a tally

Posted by on Sunday, February 13th, 2011

The sweatshop is in full swing.  I’ve been making clothes for living history, finishing knits for others, sorting scraps for projects, and updating the Big Bad Spreadsheet of Supplies.  When I started measuring and sorting and folding and organizing everything last fall, a few friends scratched their heads, and a few thought it sounded like an excellent idea.  For me, it’s been a great motivator.  I know there are artisans who have great patience, and who are entirely process focused.  I . . . I am not one of them.  I do love the process, but I love it because I scatter my process with little finish lines.  Each time I cross one, I give myself a little mental gold star.  Hem finished?  Gold Star!  Dress cut out?  Gold Star!  Photo taken?  GOLD STAR!  Yeah yeah, I’m a grade grubber.  You gonna make something of it?

This weekend, I cut out seven garments, two of which are coats with full linings.  I also finished a couple of knitting projects for others and finally started knitting something for myself.  It’s been months since I did that.  And all of that finishing and starting made me look over the aforementioned Big Bad Spreadsheet of Supplies, which also has a sheet for a to-do list and a sheet for completed projects and the supplies they used. And you know what?  I’ve used 79.6 yards of fabric and 4784 yards of yarn, not counting scraps, since I started keeping track in September.  I hope to be wearing shiny new duds at Velja Noc next weekend, and to be able to give fantastic new gifts to friends next month in Mississippi.  And I’ll be able to do those things because I pressure myself to start and finish and improve and work really really hard, just because I think I should.

When I want to tear my hair out because I’m terribly overwhelmed by projects, please remind me of that last bit.

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  1. bullwinkleon 14 Feb 2011 at 3:45 pm 1

    … makes me weep just thinking about it. 😉

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