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Grubby nails

on Apr 21st 2009

My spring to-do list. Plant dozens of pansies: Check Wait for tulips to bloom, and rejoice when they do. Check! Expand my personal forest: Delayed by rain . . .

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Eyes Closed

on Apr 14th 2009

Another weekend camping trip in the valley, and another wonderful family gathering at the foot of Bull Run Mountain, and another utter failure to take any pictures.  There were tiny blooming wild flowers and happy dogs and wonderful friends, but you’ll just have to trust me on that.  And then there were nieces and a […]

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Passing the time

on Mar 23rd 2009

The prizes are done and ready to go to Martha, Shelia, and K. Things are blooming in the garden. And I’m puttering away in the studio. And visiting chickens, and friends, in Lovettsville for knitting photography (notice the “headless hen” trick below).

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Peeking out

on Mar 20th 2009

Thanks for all of your kindness last week, friends. It means a lot to me to know you’re out there. I spent Sunday with Ruadhan and Jen at the Homespun Yarn Party, and it was wonderful to get out of the house and away from grief. Jen invited me to bring some bags to sell, […]

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4:40 a.m.

on Mar 12th 2009

The phone rang. A dear friend of ours died far too young. He was in good shape and he wasn’t stupid about his health, but he had a heart attack and now he’ll never see his 39th birthday. Mike was working late, and he died at his desk. He was my husband’s best friend. He […]

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on Mar 7th 2009

So, I removed my own comment, turned K’s second comment off temporarily, and that leaves us with 29 possible winners. I used the random number generator here. And . . . 5: K 4: Shelia 26 (when K’s second comment is out of the mix): Martha How fun is this! Congratulations, you three wacky knitters. […]

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A moment of peace

on Apr 20th 2007

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on Apr 17th 2007

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More Links

on Jan 24th 2006

I was just poking around to see if I could find any audio of Berryman reading his poems, and I hit quite the little jackpot. Scroll down to John Berryman’s name and you get almost* an entire poetry reading by John Berryman–an introduction, some chit chat by Berryman, and him reading Dream Songs #1, 4, […]

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