Scary needles

Posted by on Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

I’ve been getting comfortable with my scary scary felting needles. I added a spiral to what will soon be the front pocket on my Constant Companion, and my name in ogham on its inner pocket. The spiral mimics the button on the bag, so I hope it looks good once I sew it on. I think the teal bag will grow some black spirals once I wind some yarn off. . . where is that winder I ordered, anyway?

And I’ve finished a lovely silja sock that is, well, not mine. It’s way too big for me. It fits Scott, but it’s “girly colored” so he won’t be getting these. One of my pals will surely want them, no? So lovely in their purply-bluey-greeny-fuscia-ee-ness. I would like to get its mate to heel-turning stage in time for the meet-up tomorrow so I can help a pal with that concept.

I’m also searching for the perfect material out of which to make reinforcing inserts for the felted bags I’m making. I cut a piece of cardboard and dropped it into the teal bag, and it makes everything prettier and more sensible. And I’m hoping a knitting machine will fall form the sky so I can make said bags more quickly, and thus make them less expensive.

And yesterday, here is the snowy wonderland that is Virginia, I accidentally started piecing a crazy Brigid’s Cross in green and gold. It may become a hanging, or maybe a tote bag. It’s made of silks and linens and cotton, and I think it will end up being pretty darn cool. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt this way, and this piece is certainly encouraging me in that direction. If I make one for our bed, I will be sorely tempted to wrap Scath’s paws in duct-tape so he can’t destroy it with his evil sharp talons. El gato negro has the utmost disdain for all fabrics. And people. And dogs. Ok, he’s selfish and haughty and destructive and complains incessantly, but he’s pretty so I forgive his failings. Which is good, because his vet just informed me that the cat is going to get increasingly weirder now that he is 12 and thus “geriatric.” Maybe if I get him to pick up a hobby other than huffing nip he’ll maintain his faculties longer.

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