Where’s Donogh?

Posted by on Sunday, March 6th, 2005

I’m a liar. I claimed I would limit my snobbishness. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dervish show–they were tighter than I’ve ever heard them, they played one rocking set after another, and Cathy was in great voice. And then Lunasa started tuning up . . . and Donogh Hennessey wasn’t on the stage. There was a guy tuning a guitar (clearly not Donogh’s guitar), and the guy wasn’t Ritchie the roadie, because Ritchie was at the board and and and Donogh Hennessey has left Lunasa. My favorite guitarist has left my favorite band. Kevin made some excuses about Donogh taking up acting as George Clooney’s stunt double, and the Lunasa site claims that Donogh has decided to go into ballooning, and word on the street is that he has decided to spend more time at home with Pauline Scanlon (think Inion ni Scannlain), . . .but crimeny . . . All excuses aside, I blame free will. Free will is a nasty thing in other people sometimes. If I don’t get at least a few good Scanlon/Hennessey albums out of this debacle, I’m going to be hard pressed to not throw lots and lots of tantrums.

I tried to get over the shock, and noticed that Paul Meehan, who was strumming away in Donogh’s place, did quite a good job. But I think he really needs a different guitar and maybe some other strings, because his tone was so bright. Honky-tonk bright at times. Right. I will now stop whining like a little brat. The Lunasa set was tight and hot and full of my favorite tunes, and the guys were goofing off of each other for most of the show. Then both bands got together for one huge kitchen party of a Michael Coleman tune as an encore. Great craic all round.

In other news . . . look what I made. Sorry for the bad photo. I am not terribly tall, and this piece of patchwork is 19" square and is sitting on my kitchen table, so there was lots of holding the camera up in the air and hoping for good shots. Anyway, it’s a Brigid’s Cross, crazy pieced with a bit of applique. It’s made entirely from scraps left over after making clothes for people I love, so it’s extra keen. It will likely receive a fair bit of embellishment. I had originally thought to make it into a tote, but it’s too big for that. The fabrics are cotton, silk noile and crepe, and linen. I sense a trend here–I’m going to have to make a bunch of these.

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