International Women’s Day

Posted by on Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Happy Women’s Day, everyone. Every year, I wish the US paid enough attention to this holiday. I wish, frankly, anyone paid enough attention to both the plight of women in poor countries and to the accomplishments of women throughout world history. I wish I could vote for more women, and that somewhere, anywhere in the management chain here in sovreignty policy land I could see a woman above me. And I am thankful that we women are openly appreciating our own and our sisters’ accomplishments and talents. Yay us.

Ah, that’s better. Post work, four of we women who run the Potomac Celtic Festival had a conference call with a guy who makes festivals better. He had some great ideas, some of which we have time to implement before this year’s festival and others which should be in place before the 2006 fest. And he encouraged us to bring more dancers and eventually add a true dance floor. That is music to my ears.

So I got little knitting done today. I’m working on what I hope will be my first truly original, publishable, charmingly useful pattern. I get to knit with the Wednesday night knitters tomorrow night. I should have a new ball winder relatively soon. And I should have at least one rabbit underway very soon. I like the future, yes I do. I just want to get rid of that one damn bird.

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