Oh, the Humanity

Posted by on Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Prized Peruvian Alpacas are being kid-napped (cria-napped?) and smuggled into other countries left and right: Let my cria go!  I hope they can get this trade under control before the Peruvian highlanders end up so dismantling and diluting their Alpaca herds that they lose alpaca wool as a source of income.

In other (grossly out of date) Camelid news, one fine Lake District llama fled his herd last summer for a fine looking flock. I guess he didn’t feel needed at home. And another fine Llama found employment protecting the lambs in a Welsh park. And, fine upstanding llamas protected their master for a bit of an early birthday present to me in 2003.

Can you tell I’m catching up on the BBC site? Who knew that the UK produced so much Llama-news? All of this is making me really miss the Rosebud llamas.

I’m nearly done with the second huge teal felted bag. And, of course, it turns out that it’s made from some Annabel Fox yarn, which I apparently could have auctioned for a small fortune. Whoops. Oh well, it was free and I didn’t want to wear it, and it is so beautiful once felted!

I’m off to a lecture on Poetry and the Troubles at CUA tonight given by Gerald Dawe , my lit prof from Dublin who is now teaching at Boston College. I’d better leave work early and cast on some socks or I’ll have nothing to knit on the metro. I hope to convince some of the CUA grad students to apply for our scholarship. Who knew it would be so hard to give away free money, eh?

So, uh, on the business front. How does "Lanea’s Needles" sound to all y’all? I just can’t quite bring myself to incorporate under the name "Crazy Lanea’s." Oh, and don’t steal my name or I’ll make a voodoo doll of you or something.

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