Posted by on Friday, September 30th, 2005

So, um, I have multiple blogs, right.  This one is theoretically for the fiber-arts, and the library is theoretically for the book and movie reviews.  And I wonder whether you all are interested in that stuff.  Because, lately, I wonder if I should be keeping those things separate.  I don’t divide my brain into convenient little cubby holes–so why do I do it with my blogs?  The question occurred to me while I was writing up my reactions to Rivers and Tides, and I reacted the way I did to that film and to many other things because I am a fiber-artist and a Celticist and a koook and all of the other things I am.  (Babble babble blah blah blah) 

So should I merge them?  In case you’re concerned, I’m not one to include spoilers when I write about movies or books, so that shouldn’t be a worry.  And if I do merge them, I’ll be able to use the Typepad slot I currently use for the library to do something for the Plaid Conspiracy.  Which marches on apace.

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