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Holy crap for crap!  I have been buried in goodies.   I got:
To read:
Time: Andy Goldsworthy
A History of Handknitting: Richard Rutt
Sensational Knitted Socks: Charlene Schurch
The Essential Earthman: Henry Mitchell
The Secret Life of a Knitter: the Yarnharlot, whom we love
Viking Patterns for Knitting: Elsebeth Lavold
The Way the Crow Flies: Ann-Marie MacDonald
Chronicles Volume One: Bob Dylan
The First Verse: Barry Mccrea

To hear:
The Freewheeling Bob Dylan
Ilmatar by Varttina
Songs of Love and Parting by Robin frickin’ Williamson–Woot!
Five Challenges to Flight by Julia Francis (that’s Heather’s big sister–double Woot!)

To Watch:

Plus a lovely small teapot my friend Virginia made–perfect for when it’s just me drinking tea.  Ooh–maybe it needs to go to the office . . . . and a cool metal leaf plate thingy.  I can’t stand it–my family is too good to me.  How many socks can I make for these lovely people?  HOW MANY SOCKS CAN I MAKE, AND HOW FAST?  On top of all that, I got to hang with them all for the afternoon, playing with the kidlets of supreme cuteness, and eating delicious food, and laughing a lot.  If you ever hear me bitching about, well, anything, remind me how insanely lucky I am.  Seriously.  Cake!  No death!  Woot!

The first of the Jaywalker socks is finished, and the second is a few inches along.  Still liking the pattern, liking the way the finished sock fits–I’m impressed all around.  And I did some knitting on the ruana, which is approaching completion–perhaps in time for Samhain.  But I still need a crochet hook to finish Rose.  Sad, but true.  I have no D hook, and our craft store seems to not be open very often. 

Rewinding to Saturday, Sean and Anna were in town visiting his folks, and we got to meet up with them at the Brogue for drinks.   Ah, the Brogue–it’s posssibly the official watering hole of the adult KF.  The beer list was great as usual, and the cover band was better than usual.  It was a hoot to hang out with our visiting Manhattanites–never get enough of them.  And Anna has taken up embroidery–Woot!  I can’t wait to see what she’s working on.  They were both very impressed by the sock, so I was blushing, and Anna was asking about getting out to a living history event with us, so I hope we can get her fully ensnared. 

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