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Posted by on Sunday, December 11th, 2005

Men With Brooms  The Yarn Harlot and Juno both spoke highly of this film, so I felt it my knitterly, Canada loving duty to check it out.  I loved it.  I loved the beavers at the opening of the film. I loved Molly Parker, because I always love Molly Parker.  I loved Leslie Nielsen.  I loved the curling.  It’s not a great film, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a great film to watch while knitting.  Sometimes, that’s all I ask.  And I really did like the beavers.  What’s not to like about a film with herds of beavers and some good curling?

Walk the Line.   I love Johnny Cash with the burning white intensity of a thousand suns.  So I had to see this film.  Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon each did quite well in their roles and with the music.  The plot stayed close enough to the truth but still managed to be watchable.  T-Bone Burnett did  a great job with the music, but I knew he would.   It’s worth seeing twice.   

Lords of Dogtown.  Sokay. I like skateboarding movies.  And surfing movies.  And I liked Thirteen a lot, so I had to watch this.  It’s watchable, but not particularly engaging or well-written,  But the skating is good, and it’s well-filmed.  There is a particularly annoying anachronism involving a Black Flag t-shirt worn in a scene that’s supposed to be set in the mid-70s, but, whatever.  Watch the extra footage–it’s cool to see how all of the stunts were filmed, and it’s a riot to see the director at her spacey best.  Catherine Catherine Catherine . . . please don’t act stoned when you’re on camera.  It will not get you money to make your next film.  It will not make you one of the guys.  Pull it together, you kooky Betty you. 

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