Pen to Paper

Posted by on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

I’ve been writing and not mentioning it here, for whatever reason, and organizing thoughts and words into little collections.  Let’s rectify that.

Naming Deirdre’s Mother grew out of my very strong, angry reaction to the treatment of Deirdre and her unnamed mother as I’ve been translating the Exile of the Sons of Usnech into English.

In October, I flew down to Alabama to perform a Sarmatian themed original coronation for my friends Bart and Oda.  Recording and sharing my recitation was new, but fun.  Being there to perform it live was better.

My friend Seamus fought in Crown Tourney here and I wrote and recited an introduction for him and his amazing wife Ardys.

I had the chance to sing out my love for my dear friend Maebh ingen Carthaig.

I’m sure there’s more and I’m not thinking of it, but so it goes.

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  1. Kirstenon 04 Feb 2017 at 9:38 pm 1

    Amazing, that you know this. Well, amazing to me, who only sees what is here.

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