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I posted right after Imbolc.

Since then, I made a couple of dozen garments for Ben, a few for friends and a few things for me. We went to Gulf Wars, which was an interesting mixture of fun times with friends and some pretty horrible weather. We on the early work crew had such a bad storm it prevented much work on the Early Period Life structures. Once the event officially started, we had several days of brutally hot weather and then more serious storms. Apparently a tornado touched down a few miles away and was generous enough to send us some very high winds, which took out tents and a few trees. Thankfully there were relatively few injuries, but a large percentage of the attendees left. I had written a ceremony for a friend’s laurel–which is a high level arts and sciences award–but the storm cancelled the ceremony. I had a wonderful time singing with Maebh and seeing so many of our friends from far away. We stayed until the end and had fun, but it was a weird one. I never got the camera out, barely got to see any fighting, and my teaching schedule got preempted and ran into all sorts of weird.

We then returned home to host Ben’s Mother, Brother, and niece and nephews. Museums, zoo, cooking, puppy spoiling, etc.

And now we’re preparing for Celt Wars 19, which is astounding. After that, I am teaching a double class at a local event, which should be interesting.

And then writing and translating. And embroidery. And possibly some leather work–we just found a trove of hides in the attic. And also puppy. This guy never stops.

I will add photos if I can ever get Flickr to behave again.



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  1. gayleon 04 Apr 2016 at 10:19 am 1

    So good to hear from you! I’d wondered what you might be getting up to. Looking forward to photos, and I hope your next adventure comes with better weather!

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