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Edited–Back again with a vengeance.  I just finished writing everything I had to write for the Potomac Celtic Festival Program, and that means I’m free to rave about how wonderful Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was.  But I can’t really do that until I tie up at least a few of these loose ends.

So, Typepad has been giving me fits.  Naughty Typepad does not like pictures, and does not want to let this post go live despite the fact that I’ve been trying to post it for nearly a week.  So, truce.  I’ve decided to post it even though it’s not done, because I want to let off this writerly steam.  It’s either that or fix my computer with a hammer.

These, lovely lovely, are the Jaywalkers who don’t want to be:

Say goodbye kids.  The yarn is being harvested.  I get it, lovely yarn,  you don’t want the pattern to get the glory.  I can accept that.  Or maybe you just want to go to smaller feet.  That I cannot accept.  Elspeth and Lisa can both knit their own socks.  You are mine, yarn.  All mine.  You will be knit up, in vanilla fashion, once you’ve calmed down.  And learned your lesson.

But while you’re still here, serve my purposes and give the nice people a sense of scale.  When I got to John the Ferrier’s for Beltaine, our friend Brogan from NYC said he had a deal for me.  He’d give me a nice something, and maybe I’d make him some more clothes.  The nice something is above.  That lovely object is a leather needle case with cherry end-caps, all handmade by my pal, all for the want of some clothes from Crazy Lanea.  In Brogan’s defense, he doesn’t want me to show you this, because the leather got all tricksie and twisted on him.  He kept muttering about replacing this case with one that isn’t twisted, and even tried to convince me not to take this one and wait until its replacement is made.  Yeah, sure.   Here is the removable end-cap:

Hand done.  Did I mention?  It gets better . . .

Only I can’t show you how much better yet, because, well Typepad is being a brat.  The case is full of antique bone needles.  There are one or two strays, a full set of DPNs, and several pairs of straights.  I promise I’ll put the photo here very soon.  He also gave me a huge set of very nice old plastic needles with black ends (maybe they’re Boye’s?), and those want to go live with someone else.  Someone deserving.  Details and photos to come.

See how pretty!  Thanks Brogan.  Seriously, you rock.  And you’d better rubbing your plans for fashion-domination in the faces of all of those Tuatha de Bhrainn folks.

I’ll give you more of the goods once I get the electrons to behave.  And I’ll tell you about the Best Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival ever.  In the meantime, look how lovely our boys can be:

This is our friend James, though he prefers to be called Eggbeater.  He is riding Noble, who is the fine horse of our pal Macha.  Phalen, photographer extraordinaire leads Noble, and Jason is making sure his heir doesn’t perform the hero’s Salmon-leap* off his mount.    Needless to say, Beltaine was ginormous fun this year.

* CuChulainn, hero of the Red Branch, made famous the ích n-erred, or Salmon leap, wherein he would apparently leap from his normal riding position into a handstand on his horse’s back, and then throw his spear, the Gae Bolga, with his foot.  After performing the Salmon Leap, CuChulainn generally got laid by a smoking hottie.  So while we’re all sure the Mighty Eggbeater could totally pull off the leap and the spear-throw via his trotter, we don’t think he’s old enough to date seriously yet.  Is maith sin, you know, for CuChulainn, but the Eggbeater needs to wait a bit.

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  1. Rachelon 09 May 2006 at 10:34 am 1

    My sister-in-law gave me a pair of bone straights, I think in a US 9 and a shorter length. Three problems: I prefer bamboo or wood, I don’t use straights, and I almost never use anything over a size 5. You want? (They’re too nice not to be used by somebody, and I promise I will take all responsibility for weird re-gifting karma.)

  2. minnieon 09 May 2006 at 11:26 pm 2

    isn’t cuchulain the one who’s eye bulged and hair got all bristly, and teeth sharp when the battle rage came upon him. and wasn’t there a geas that he couldn’t be woken, but had to wake up on his own? or am i full of it?

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