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So we got there, we camped temporarily on the flat while Scott and Bodwin wandered around making cryptic gestures and grumbling, and we had a metric f-ton of fun with our friends, the pyromaniacs dear, dear freaks Celts. 

And then we drank Marconis.  I was tasked with helping Etaine "get her blotto on."  I did my job.   And we noticed that Ruadhan, despite loathing Campari, is actually the Campari fairy.  You’ll see why soon.

And then we slept a little.

And then Ruadhan and I got up and went grocery shopping.

When we came back, we found this:

Which is actually quite a modest platform.  I’ve been on much higher, larger, downright terrifying structures in the woods.  Well, they would have been downright terrifying to other people, I think.  I just viewed them as great dance floors.  We lucked just the right trees in a very good spot.  The fellahs added a 10 x 10 piece of real estate to the hill, and I got to live on a very level, very safe floor that was highly unlikely to flood, even if my Mom visited us.

Have I mentioned my Mom draws floods?  It’s freaky.  She denies it, but it’s true.  Arizona should beg her to visit.  I hope that that particular trait is not heritable. 

Back to the story.

The downstairs camp was filling in nicely:

Here you can see one of our views from the Crassy Knoll.  That’s Anubh’s tent we’re staring right at in the center, with the edge of Etaine’s tent over on the left and Cellach and Moragh’s fly behind.  We like seeing just white canvas.  We like it a lot. 

So we started getting properly set up, and out came the KF banner:

Which is always a site for sore eyes. 

Richard brought out some duds I made for him a couple of years ago:

He’s developed some system, as have a lot of the guys, that seems to line up with my Grandpap’s concept of "Sunday go to meeting clothes."  Apparently this tunic cannot be work until his tent (in the background there) and his shop are set up.  I guess that means it’s a good tunic.  I think I made the pants too.

I’ll warn you now that I didn’t do so well taking pictures of my friends wearing clothes I made them.  Sorry.  I’ll keep trying.

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