Bog Olympics

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So, we host a thing called the Bog Olympics every now and again.  I think maybe it was originally Tara’s idea?  Here’s how it works: we gather people from all over together before the madness really starts there at summer camp; have them play a bunch of historic games; give out prizes; rinse and repeat.  It’s a hoot.  It’s a great way to meet people from other camps.  It’s like field day, but with wrestling.  And the races generally involve beer.  This year, Morgan lit the fire under our butts and we brought back the fun.  Folks came from all over the place.  We had kids’ events, we had new events.  We had a lot of fun. 

We had torc tossing, which is strangely similar to horseshoes:

The torcs were made on site, of course, because we have smiths. 

We had a wacky kind of wrestling, which Ot from Michigan brought us.  The two competitors must keep at least one foot on the shield.  Here are Moragh (facing the camera) and Anubh squaring off:

And then trying to lift each other’s feet:

And then with the pushing. 

As is generally the case, Morgan won the women’s wrestling.  She is an amazing wrestler.  I think she and her sister used to mix it up a lot as kids.

We had a fire-starting contest, which was a first.  Each competitor gets a pile of kindling.  They have to use a flint, tinder, and a striker to start the fire.  It’s a very tricky skill to learn.  Our four competitors lined up on either side of a piece of twine tied between two iron uprights.  The first person to light a fire big enough to burn through the string wins.  I think this is the coolest game we’ve ever ever had.  Ever.  Here’s Moragh, throwing sparks.  Note the yellow squished chicken?

Here is a little film of the end of the contest.  The horrible sound in the background is that damn rubber chicken.  I’m so glad the chicken went to Dalraidia.  Clicky to watch:  fire-starting contest

And, of course, we played hunkerhausen.  It’s a very old game, wherein the competitors stand on logs or stones, holding a slack rope between them.  On go, they feed the rope back and forth, trying to either take the rope from the other player or to encourage them to lose balance.  It’s a game of balance and strategy.  It’s hilarious each and every time. 

Here are Richard (a ringer–he taught us the game) and Cellagh playing, if you want to see it in motion: hunkerhausen

Gunner gave Richard a run for his money (I made the clothes Richard is wearing)

But then Elijah Tynker, the super-ringer, stepped up.  By all means, play Hunkerhausen with a professional acrobat/jester/fire-eater.  Just don’t expect to beat him:

Elijah won. 

And, of course, we had a beer race.  Each participant fills their mug from the keg, runs to the back of Tuatha de Bhriain (great neighbors of ours) spilling as little as possible, drinks the beer, refills at the TdB keg, runs back to our bar, and drains the mug again.   

(The blond guy with the woad is Ot–we were very glad to meet him this year.  We’ve never had someone from outside our immediate circle bring in a game before.  He even brought a prize and reffed his wrestling matches).  Moragh was freaking amazing.  Man, that girl can ruuuuun.  She was there and back in lightening speed.  But one of the boys was apparently more thirsty that she was.  I don’t care.  I think she won anyway.

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  1. Francesca (Stuntmother)on 01 Sep 2006 at 10:14 am 1

    I actually want to be you. I am a big blog lurker because your stories of camp and Celtic adventuring and crafting are entrancing to me. This was an especially enticing post. What fun. What deep coolness.

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