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Posted by on Thursday, October 26th, 2006

I know, we are bad bloggers and we’ve been neglecting dear Seamus.  The world got very fast.  But Rachel just told me that my boy Paul Muldoon is on the cover of Poets and Writers magazine.  Yayyyyy.  Go see, go see: his hat is quite stylish.

Dear reader, you may not know of this particular crazy thing I have with magazines.  Wait, I take that back.  There are three people here, max, and Rachel knows my crazy thing with magazines, and I bet our Poe-loving friend does too, after hanging around Knitter’s Review with us lo these many months.  The crazy: I think magazines are evil, because they waste so much paper and shipping them to subscribers wastes so much fuel, particularly when you consider how many people subscribe to magazines they never actually read.  I say waste because, unlike books, magazines are mostly unreadable crap like ads.  You know it’s true, you Cosmo buyers, and you folks who buy National Geographic just to put it on your table.  But this one may rank a spot on my shelf.  Let’s see if I can meet a copy in person. 

In the meantime, let me plead once again–you magazine publishers–let me read your magazine, in its entirety, online, for a fee.  And let me save a few choice articles or print knitting patterns, within reason.  It will benefit us both, and it benefits the whole blessed planet.  Come on. You can do it!  Just look at the Washington Post–they made themselves available for free on the web, and it’s great.  Heck, I would give them money for the service if I could just get them to understand that I don’t ever want the paper copy, ever ever ever.  They haven’t accepted my terms yet.

Ooh, and I got three good bits of poetry for my birthday. 
Thou Harp of My Music translated by some other weirdos
The Book of the Angel by Medbh McGuckian
And a little something from Nikki Giovanni that isn’t in stores yet, thanks to Rachel.  I studied with Nikki when I was in college at tech, so I have the extra pleasure of really hearing her voice in my head when I read her work.  I recommend the experience highly–she has a great voice and is a really good reader.  Listen to Nikki, folks.  And go buy a book of poetry. 

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