The Illusionist, Emma, and Bleak House

Posted by on Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

The number of books and films on the right is starting to make me itch now, and after the nutty response I got to that review of several Austen adaptations, I figured I’d just review a few period-pieces at once and duck back into the shadows.

Kate Beckinsale makes a much better Emma than does Gwyneth Paltrow.  This version has a better script, a better cast, and a better director.  Nuff said.

The Illusionist: Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti are really well cast and both give great performances; the story and script are good.  I figured out the twist far too soon, but, well, I do that.  Predictable or no, I like it when justice prevails and, you know, sadistic villains get what they deserve.

The BBC/Masterpiece Theater Bleak House   mini-series is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.  I’m not wild about Dickens’ books, so I haven’t read the novel and am in the dark about how accurate this adaptation is.  But I don’t care!  I want to sent Anna Maxwell Martin a box of puppies, she was so good as Esther.  Gillian Anderson was wonderful as Lady Deadlock.  Burn Gorman as Guppy–priceless.  Philip Davis’s Smallweed, Charles Dance’s Tulkinghorn, and Hugo Speer!  I just loved the series.  Every minute of it.   I should break down and buy it.

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  1. rachelon 13 Jun 2007 at 8:39 pm 1

    So much to comment on….I don’t think I’ve seen either Emma–I should do that. I really didn’t like the Illusionist, though I wanted to (The Prestige was so good, though. Did you see that?)

    I told you Bleak House was awesome. You have to see that new Jane Eyre now, too. It’s the same director, and equally as enthralling.

    Oh! An Deadwood Season 3 is out on dvd! I watched the first episode last night. I so love that crazy-assed way they talk. I swear I don’t know what’s going on most of the time, and yet I just don’t care.

  2. Beanmamaon 23 Jun 2007 at 10:12 pm 2

    Thanks to this post, I have just rented Bleak House from NetFlix and devoured the first CD in one day (well, two days… but 24 hours, it counts!) It’s fantastic!! I loved Emma, too.

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