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on Jan 25th 2011

I’ve been on a bit of a quilting spree for a while now, as you may have noticed. And when I was sorting through some quilting stuff in my studio yesterday, I realized that I never posted about a really sweet pieced bag I made right before the KR retreat last autumn. I made the […]

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The goings on hereabouts

on Jan 23rd 2011

I got stuck, like I always do, feeling like I couldn’t post about presents.  And I was spending a lot of time working on presents.  Silly silly silly. But other things are in the works. We replaced our slapdash potrack with this beauty: All of that shining copper makes me so giddy.  I have a […]

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on Dec 27th 2010

We celebrated in the ways we know best.  I knitted a pile of horseshoe lace cowls for the women in my family.  That’s a custom green Spirit Trail cashmere, Briar Rose cashmere, Socks that Shine, Spirit Trail Alexandra, and Spirit Trail Si-Ling. We cooked, we gave each other books and music and the like. Kaio […]

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on Nov 30th 2010

I’ve been a bit busy, which has kept me from posting all of the things I wanted to post about.  Well, hang that nonsense.  Here’s what I can think of off the top of my head. I went to the Knitter’s Review Retreat, which was absolutely wonderful, as usual. My friend Ruadhan was able to […]

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Panic button

on Nov 3rd 2010

There is a small chance that I am freaking out. Just a small chance. We had a wonderful visit with Scott’s Mom Karen and her beau Lee. While they were here, we relaxed, and we ate at restaurants (soooo many restaurants), and I cooked a couple of nice meals when I was able to slot […]

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on Oct 27th 2010

I had a birthday over the weekend, and made sure to spoil myself while my family and friends were spoiling me.  Look at the fantastic knitter’s rule I ordered for myself from Karastix. I also secured some yarn for the wool-along afghan, including this amazing handspun. I’m busily trying to prepare for the Knitter’s Review […]

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Nose to the grindstone

on Oct 11th 2010

In addition to tallying up and recording all of the pertinent information about my yarn and fabric stashes, I’m trying to finish a bunch of projects that I had started but never finished. I’m not promising to finish them all before I start any new ones, but having a spreadsheet of all of my works […]

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Red and black and ever blue

on Sep 29th 2010

I got myself the sort of (quite early) birthday present I always want, but would never ask for.  There’s just no way to send someone out to find the perfect handmade journal for me, you know? It was made by Kreativlink on Etsy. I got one of the larger format ones, since I like a […]

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Just let me show you–

on Sep 13th 2010

Socks for Scott, in Sanguine Gryphon Eidos.  The colorway is Simonides.  I improvised the stitch pattern, and really like how these turned out. A modified Baby Surprise Jacket for our friends’ baby CW, who is still in utero. That’s Sundara sock yarn in “Live with Harmony,” which seems auspicious. His current due date is Scott’s […]

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So where was I . . .

on Aug 29th 2010

All over the place, really.  How’s about I tell you about all sorts of things, in whatever order I remember them,  as I would over drinks in person?  Feel free to interrupt, and let me know when you need another round. I’ve spent the last couple of weekends crafting with friends from our living history […]

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