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Groundbreaking, and mark-making

on Mar 7th 2005

Sure, I’m knitting. But look at what the green things are doing. Virginia has been approaching spring for some time. Today she got serious. Today, it almost reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s warm. That’s gardening season. Flowers are doing their best to break out all over. I have mini iris, daffodils, croci, and snowdrops popping […]

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Where’s Donogh?

on Mar 6th 2005

I’m a liar. I claimed I would limit my snobbishness. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dervish show–they were tighter than I’ve ever heard them, they played one rocking set after another, and Cathy was in great voice. And then Lunasa started tuning up . . . and Donogh Hennessey wasn’t on the stage. There was a […]

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on Mar 3rd 2005

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Scary needles

on Mar 1st 2005

I’ve been getting comfortable with my scary scary felting needles. I added a spiral to what will soon be the front pocket on my Constant Companion, and my name in ogham on its inner pocket. The spiral mimics the button on the bag, so I hope it looks good once I sew it on. I […]

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