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P is for Practice

on Aug 17th 2008

P is for Practice.  And here is my new baby.    I had a lot of options for this letter in the ABC Along: pottery, preachain, puttering, pastry . . . but then the new guitar showed up on Wednesday, and practice is again mandatory here at the Mean-Skutai Manse.  Picking up the guitar again […]

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Birdseyes, Axes, and Crescent Moons

on Jul 30th 2008

You thought I forgot all about measuring handsewing, didn’t you?  Nope–I’ve been sewing relatively little this year, but the preparations for Celtic summer camp were upon us and Bodwin reminded me that I should keep up with the big tally.  I hand-sewed the bindings on a couple of small quilts and have been doing lots […]

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on Apr 16th 2008

Last weekend, I went out west to visit with Two Sock Knitters, and another Sock Knitter, and a whole passel of contra dancers.  The University of Chicago hosted a fantastic dance weekend, complete with the fantastic bands Cosmic Otters and Nightingale, and the amazing callers Adina Gordon and George Marshall.  We went to tons of […]

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Filling in the gaps

on Mar 20th 2008

I ended up scrambling to affix beads to the points of the Heather Ale sweater on the metro yesterday morning.  I was desperate to wear this thing, and a night’s rest gave every single beadless point the chance to curl right up.  I’m not entirely sure about these purple beads–I have clear ones in the […]

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Wiyos, Steeplechase, Montpelier, and knitting

on Oct 8th 2007

Friday night, we went with Square and Tara to see the Wiyos at the Lyceum.  Hot damn, that was a good show.  I knew I’d like the band as soon as I saw their name–they take their name from the Whyos, one of the most terrifying Irish gangs ever to stalk the streets of the […]

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Breaking a Curse

on Aug 28th 2007

When you study the ancient world, you study the concepts of curses.  When you watch every minute of extra material on Rome DVDs, you think about them even more.  And then, if you mix in some really good adolescent lit about a fantastical array of universes with lots of magic in them, and you maybe […]

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Folklife, homelife, and wedded bliss

on Jul 19th 2007

As I mentioned last week-ish, during that phase when I was posting zippo, I went to the Smithsonian folklife festival with Bodwin, Ruadhan, Mapgirl, and Kevin.  It was blazing hot, but the festival covered Virginia, Northern Ireland, and the Mekong Delta.  So we couldn’t miss it. I tell you, I have never considered so decorating […]

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The Dog, the tunes, and The Areas of My Expertise

on Jun 12th 2007

Because I know my place in all of this, I’ll tell you what you’re here for . . . Kayo is going to be fine.  He has the sort of injury dogs, and people for that matter, get from landing straight-kneed in a hole or coming off of a jump.  He gets some pain-killers for […]

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Done and dusted

on Jun 11th 2007

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Feeding the archives

on Jun 4th 2007

So, I finished copying all of our music to my new ipod this weekend, after more than a week of slavish tending.  Sheesh, what a pain.   I discovered that a few of our discs grew wings, which wasn’t much of a surprise.   Still, losing four out of 800 or so isn’t so bad.  And none […]

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