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Busy hands

on Jul 7th 2011

My Mom is still waiting for test results, so while we’re waiting I’m keeping busy. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I set up a great trade with my friend Kelby.  He’s very tall and doesn’t sew, but he needs clothes for living history.  I sew, and I need both music lessons and […]

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I keep forgetting

on May 31st 2011

I’ve been blogging away in my head, and even taking some pictures, but never getting around to actually uploading photos or typing things out. There may be some sleep deprivation going on.  Maybe. The gardening–it was manic for a while there.  I was putting in 30 hours or more for weeks in a row, while […]

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Out with the new, in with the old

on May 14th 2011

If you saw the little studio tour video I made a while back, you saw my studio.  I adore that room and spend a lot of time there, but it doesn’t generally come first in terms of furnishing budgets.  The knee walls limit shelving options, and our stairs are narrow, and we’ve spent a lot […]

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And then a month slipped by . . .

on Apr 10th 2011

Things do slip away from me. Where were we . . . We went to Mississippi and had a fantastic time.  Lots of our friends were there, I gave out some presents, we sang a lot, the food we made was fantastic and we spent much less time laboring over meals, and we didn’t want […]

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on Mar 7th 2011

I don’t have a lot of time, but I do have a few pictures.  Forgive how schlumpy these all look–I don’t have a dress form, so you have to imagine a body inside these.  All of these garments are fitted to the waist with full skirts. This is a new linen Hedeby traggerrok (apron dress) […]

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I can sew for miles and miles

on Mar 3rd 2011

Look–that little bugger is back.  I think the number is actually pretty far off on the low side, but I need to keep digging though notes to correct it.  And either way, the next couple of weeks should really add to the count.  I love knowing that I’ve handsewn at least a fifth of a […]

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And the winners are . . .

on Feb 24th 2011

It’s time to pick! A few people exempted themselves from the drawing, so the possible recipients are: The Joyful Quilter: on 14 Feb 2011 at 8:55 pm: These pin cushions are SO funky! What a fun item for any sewing room. Anna on 14 Feb 2011 at 10:20 pm: The pincushions are very cute, Lanea! […]

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One for me, two for you

on Feb 14th 2011

I’ve finally started knitting something for myself again!  This is the Winding River Cowl, knit in Spirit Trail’s luscious Birte in Case of the Blues.  I love all of Jen’s cashmere/silk/wool blends, but this one feels particularly decadent because of its weight.  I can’t wait to finish this, because I really want a chance to […]

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Keeping a tally

on Feb 13th 2011

The sweatshop is in full swing.  I’ve been making clothes for living history, finishing knits for others, sorting scraps for projects, and updating the Big Bad Spreadsheet of Supplies.  When I started measuring and sorting and folding and organizing everything last fall, a few friends scratched their heads, and a few thought it sounded like […]

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on Jan 31st 2011

I’ve mentioned working on gifts recently, and how secrecy left me with less to talk about here.  I may not have mentioned how terribly impatient I am.  Once I finish making a gift, I mentally hop on one leg until I deliver it.  I often want to call the recipient and ruin the surprise before […]

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