I’m a Mad Scientist, Except with Felt

Posted by on Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Lookie lookie!

The fine folks at Figheadh Yarnworks let me test one of their patterns. ‘Cuz’ I’m like a mad Scientist, except with felt. I love this hat. I am about to torture the heck out of it, because trials and tribulations make wool strong and firm. The chart was so fun to work. I used NatureSpun, my abiding favorite felt food, in scarlet and pepper.

Mushmouth was secretly into Irish artwork . . .

Wow do I need to clean the bathroom mirror.

Next, a teal envelope bag for my Mom in Tahiti Teal Lamb’s Pride. She actually asked for a present. My Mom seems to be becoming as obsessed with felt as I am. I have created a monster! See, told ya I was a mad scientist, but with felt.

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