A day that was many days long

Posted by on Sunday, August 21st, 2005

Dear Diary,

Not so much with the sunrise counting anymore.  The weather has been really really hot.  The stick-fighting got under way and I tried not to miss it all that much, and that seemed to work.  The heat probably helped convince me that abandoning my more martial hobby was a good idea, what with my lack of heatstroke. 

I did a little more shopping and some more browsing and found some great stuff.  I also managed to photograph a thing I made before you were around.  I know I know, I always told you that before you there was just me waiting on a block of ice for a Diary of my very own.  I forgot to mention that I occasionally worked with fiber while waiting for you.  Don’t be mad.  I did it for all the right reasons.  Namely: love of craft, because I could, and shits and grins:   

Those are hand-tooled little green boots.  And the image, of course, is one of the illustrations from Master Gustav Von Snicktengruben’s Krotchpunt: A Fectbuch.   One of the funniest most edifying things I’ve ever read.  See my handiwork em-biggened:

This is from the section of the buch that explains ridding yourself of children who vex you.  It is both the handy and the dandy, with the numbered steps for tot-removal.  Creating this was quite a public service.  The gold is linen (out of which I made Richard a tunic) and the blue silk (out of which I made Skutai and lurvly Mongolian tunic).  But please don’t look at the stick very hard.   I am not eligible for a woodworking merit badge.  Someone who is might could replace that thing. 

I photographed the best bits and bobs I have picked up:
Bronze and antler sickle:

Hot damn giant granulated silver lunik:

Horde of goodness:

Which includes the lovely atlatl and darts Keegan gave me as a gift, last year’s awesome repro pitcher and this year’s awesome repro bowls, and the fantastically beautiful felted rug I snagged from Liadan as soon as I found out it was available.  I heart it.  She and Dubh made it in the traditional Mongolian manner out of undyed wools in a traditional pattern.  It has some leafy bits on it because I had no choice but to use it constantly while we were still in the woods. 

I guess I don’t know what else to tell you about Celtic Summer Camp, Diary.  It’s over, and that’s sad.  It was mostly very very good, with a few dots of not-so-good for spice.  It was the best day ever.

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