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I kinda got. . . distracted.  (Some of you heard Ani DiFranco in your head just now, didn’t you?  Gosh I hope so.  If not, go listen to Living in Clip.  Trust me. It’s good for you. )

I’ve been eating poetry.  And boy is my plate full.  I am now juggling a fiction-less reading list. 

I’ve been learning all about XML cross-platform applications.  Which is nowhere near as enjoyable as knitting or eating poetry.  But it may pay the bills a bit better than my current phony-baloney job one day, so I’m-a keep going.   And, not for nothing, I am knitting a fair amount during class.  That doesn’t suck. 

I’ve been sending lovely little packages off to California and Pennsylvania.  And fighting like mad to get the title to my truck, which I paid off, already.  So gimme my title, man. 

I’ve been marching in parades.  It was surprisingly fun this time around.  In the past, most of my parade time has been, well, painful.  Clogging on blacktop leads to shin-splints, and sometimes to stress fractures.  Ask me how I know!  But this weekend, I just walked around with my friends and gave out Potomac Celtic Festival flyers and encouraged people to attend our Burns Dinner.  I got to pet many dogs, too, which adds something to the experience for me.  Much nicer.  Much less painful.  And, well, let’s just say the Scottish Walk was followed by lunch and adult beverages, so that put a nice shine on the apple. 

And I’ve been reading and watching and cooking and such.  More on that in dribs and drabs.

The sign-up period for Socksgiving is fast approaching its end, so get on the stick if you want to play.

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  1. Rachelon 07 Dec 2005 at 9:25 pm 1

    Yay, Ani Difranco! Have you heard any of the “official bootlegs” she’s selling on the RBR website? There was about a month this summer where all I did was listen to Ani concerts. Haven’t been to a real one in about 8 years, though…

  2. junoon 08 Dec 2005 at 10:50 am 2

    Ani – I haven’t listened to her in ages. Why? Why, I aks you. I saw her play live a couple of times in tiny venues a million years ago – like 1993 or something. She’s amazing. Must. go. find. old…they might even be casettes.

    I have the book. I carried the book to Canada and back. I have not read the book. Forgive me – I will.

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