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I’m now so sucked into playing with the fancy new camera that I am not happy with any of the photographs I’m taking.  Any of them.  And yet, I want to document things I’m making and seeing.  So I’ll suck it up as best I can.

The leaf-lace shawl is blocked and ready for my Mom.
Blocking this reminded me of how much I hate my current blocking surface options.  There was a lot of cussing, and mattress moving, and cat-chasing.  I’ve held off on getting anything else for so long, but I think I need to consider a board or mats or something.  Cashmere/mink lace shouldn’t sit around for weeks unblocked.  It’s just wrong.

I made some very simple toe-up socks.  I think this is fortissima, but the ball-band was long gone.


Our new bush-form copper beech tree is settling in nicely, and just starting to turn.

beechsm twig leaf

I’m scrambling to get ready for Rhinebeck.  I’ve made a couple of dozen new bags, and will be working at the Spirit Trail booth again.  Stop by if you’re at the festival.

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  1. Bullwinkleon 13 Oct 2009 at 10:21 am 1

    I finally got some interlocking foam blocking boards – and I love them. (Who knew?) The advantage is that I can work anywhere I can find room but I can still pick the entire thing up and put it somewhere out of kitten reach once pinned out. (For large items, this involves some advance planning. But it removes the necessity of re-pinning everything 19 times.)

    Arrrgh – as much as I want a new camera, I’d like to skip the learning curve.

  2. naomion 13 Oct 2009 at 12:06 pm 2

    Yay, copper beech! (I love the one my parents have.)

    See you at Rhinebeck!

  3. Jinannon 13 Oct 2009 at 10:47 pm 3

    See you at Rhinebeck! (I’ll be at the Misty Mountain Farm booth)

  4. gayleon 14 Oct 2009 at 7:10 am 4

    Your new tree is going to be spectacular – no wonder you love it!
    I’m eying blocking boards. I have several shawls in queue, and no room to block when the time comes. (I blocked the last shawl I knit by pinning it to the wall. What depths I sink to…)

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