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Walking to Canada

on Aug 8th 2006

Since many of us have been involved in one form or another of living history or medievalism for pushing 20 years or so, we’ve got friends and sister-groups all over the place.  Many of them camp within spitting distance of us, there in the bog.  Some of our friends, however, camp so far away they […]

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on Aug 6th 2006

So we got there, we camped temporarily on the flat while Scott and Bodwin wandered around making cryptic gestures and grumbling, and we had a metric f-ton of fun with our friends, the pyromaniacs dear, dear freaks Celts.  And then we drank Marconis.  I was tasked with helping Etaine "get her blotto on."  I did […]

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The journey to strange

on Aug 5th 2006

So, as I mentioned, we got a trailer for the camping trip.  Sounds crazy, I know, but this is the first time in years Scott and I have been able go for the same number of days, so we wanted to take just one vehicle.  Nothing makes us more exhausted than packing up at the […]

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Raise a glass

on Aug 4th 2006

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Punishment, and the Grauballe Man

on Aug 1st 2006

<p>So, the last two important bog poems: </p> <p><strong>The Grauballe Man</strong></p> <p>As if he had been poured<br />in tar, he lies<br />on a pillow of turf<br />and seems to weep<br /><br />the black river of himself.<br />The grain of his wrists<br />is like bog oak,<br />the ball of his heel<br /><br />like a basalt egg.<br […]

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