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Careful what you wish for

on Sep 7th 2006

I knew I would come home from Celtic Summer Camp with new stuff.  I just wasn’t aware how much I would come home with.  I didn’t get by without spending any money this year, but Crazy Lanea’s (the basket of clothes for friends for which the blog is named, not the blog) covered my shopping […]

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New Liver!

on Sep 6th 2006

Our friend Scott Hull (aka Gallen from Dalhraidia) has needed a liver transplant for a long time.  He has primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)–the quick and dirty explanation is that his bile ducts are all screwed up for no good reason, so the excess bile they produce corroded his liver and made him really sick.  Scott […]

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Water water everywhere

on Sep 2nd 2006

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